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Powercast Selected for EDN Hot 100 Products of 2010

December 21st, 2010

EDN Hot 100 Products 2010

Powercast’s TX91501 Powercaster transmitter was selected by EDN for the Hot 100 Products of 2010. This transmitter sends both power and data for remote powering/charging in conjunction with Powercast’s P1110 or P2110 Powerharvester receivers.

Broadcasted RF energy creates a predictable, controllable power source to provide power-over-distance and one-to-many charging.  Unlike potentially unreliable or intermittent solar, heat or vibration micro-power energy sources, the TX91501 transmitter sends power to enable wireless devices to charge and operate completely untethered from the power source, and power can be sent on-demand, scheduled, or continuously.  End-devices can be inherently dormant, with zero-standby power, until power is sent to operate the device, or batteries can be trickle-charged remotely.  The operating distance for wireless power transfer (wireless charging) from the TX91501 transmitter to a device with the P2110 Powerharvester Receiver is about 40 feet with a reasonable size receiving antenna.

EDN Hot 100 Products for 2010

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Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Structures

December 20th, 2010

The Economist recently released a special report on the benefits of using wireless sensors for monitoring of critical infrastructure - buildings, bridges, and tunnels.

Read the article here.


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