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Shipping and Airline Hazards of Lithium Batteries

October 27th, 2010

USA Today and have run articles recently on the potential hazards of Lithium batteries.

USA Today (August 16, 2010)
Are lithium-ion batteries the next threat to airline safety? (October 26, 2010
Hazard of lithium batteries on planes sparks debate

Eliminating batteries, or using smaller rechargeable batteries, through micro-power energy harvesting would help to reduce the number of batteries shipped or the lithium content.

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Powercast Transmitter Sends Power and Data for RF Energy Harvesting and Micro-Power Applications

October 21st, 2010


Powercast released the the TX91501 Powercaster(TM) Transmitter to send power and data to remote devices for battery-charging or battery-free operation. The TX91501 uses DSSS modulator for power and ASK modulation for data, and is intended to be used in conjunction with Powerharvester Receivers. The power output is either 1W or 3W based on the product version, and the data is a transmitter ID code that can be used for activating specific end devices, location tracking, or other applications.

The TX91501 transmitter is approved by the FCC (Part 15) and Industry Canada. It can be used to broadcast RF energy for both power and data in numerous energy-harvesting applications such as environmental monitoring, building automation, energy management and industrial monitoring.

Broadcasted RF energy creates a perpetual power source, unlike potentially unreliable solar, heat or vibration energy sources, to provide power-over-distance, one-to-many charging, and controllable wireless power (continuous, scheduled or on-demand). A wire- and battery-free power source enables zero-maintenance devices which deploy to inaccessible locations, and embeds within sealed devices for use in wet or harsh environments.

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