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North River Ventures - Low Power, Free Power

September 1st, 2010



“Powercast is the stuff of revolution…”


Powercast recently presented about wireless power technology and RF energy harvesting to an innovation forum hosted by North River Ventures.  Following that meeting North River posted a review of Powercast’s technology.

Low Power, Free Power

Powercast provides remote, wireless power capability to micro-power devices by harvesting RF power and converting it to DC power.

Powercast is the stuff of revolution:  it spreads cloud access to hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions, of small, low power (microwatt and milliwatt) M2M devices.  Placed anywhere from the simple, like a hotel room motion detector, to the complex, like a reverse osmosis filter that needs constant monitoring but that is hard, and costly, to check by hand,  embedded Powercast devices allow its “hosts” to talk to one another cheaply and efficiently.  Doing this, Powercast brings on line, as it were, a universe of productivity and information tools of unlimited application.  It makes microwatt devices edge servers.

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