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Powercast and CAP-XX present battery-free power module for wireless sensors

May 31st, 2009


At the Darnell nanoPower Forum on May 18th, Powercast and CAP-XX presented a battery-free wireless power module for wireless sensors.  The module uses the Powercast P2100 Powerharvester receiver, a CAP-XX GZ 115 supercapacitor, and the Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500 wireless board.  The modules work by receiving radio waves and converting them into DC, which is then stored in the supercap.  When a charge threshold is reached on the supercap, the output to the wireless sensor is turned on which activates the sensor.  The sensor can have zero stand-by power instead of using a sleep mode, and power can be sent on demand, o na scheduled basis, or continuously.


The joint press release by Powercast and CAP-XX contains additional details.

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